The Erika Jayne Podcast


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Great solo show!

Nailed it!

Great EJ snark

Love the podcast. Keep up the great work.

One of my favs!

Love when I see a new episode out! These ladies are full of knowledge and hilarious! Thanks Goodbye Glam Squad team! Highly recommend!


Love it- fun & lots of great info!! Cute

Loyal fan

These ladies are great podcasters. It’s so nice to listen to a podcast that is both entertaining and well researched. I always wait for the next episode to be uploaded. And they have great accents!

Informative and hilarious

I love this podcast! The ladies are great! Thank you!

Highly Recommend

You two ladies are the highlight of my week. The commentary, comedy, voices & editing are the BEST! It feels more like a classy, honest analysis than silly gossip. Great job!

LOVE everything about this podcast

These women do their research and are very insightful and savvy in their assessment of Erika’s charade and this while pretty mess that she and her husband have created ALLEGEDLY. They’re both very keen to details and as someone who is in the legal field and has been a RHOBH fan for so long, I am very interested in the developments. The subject of rich people doing bad is a good one to discuss and should be exposed. They’re both worth and entertaining as well. Sound is great and I love their accents! Also, enjoy learning a bit about Australia that is shared. Bravo! WELL DONE.

Xenophobes eff off!

I’m an American and your accents are charming! Keep it up girls!!

Grab a coffee & listen

These ladies are hilarious and brilliant. They keep it light and they own it. They definitely know what’s up and give all the details. Grab a coffee, listen along and be ready to feel part of their gab session.


I love Lisa and Jen!!! They are such bulldogs and do not stop until they get all of the info. No shade by saying bulldog as I have a bulldog, Gabby, and she’s a determined little gal. :) Anyway, if you want all of the poop and backstory on Erika and Tom, listen to this extremely informative and entertaining podcast.

Great info Great Fun

I just wish it was produced more consistently.

Love! Love! Love!

Hysterical takedown! Keep going!

Totally impressive podcast 5 stars YAY! Bravo

Heard about this podcast from another podcast and I’m sold. A differently presented podcast. It was not only entertaining but the information is impressive and given in such a easy understood presentation. The podcasters are sharp as are the guests. I look forward to more. Love, love, love.

Hilarious! Toilet roll Barbie!

Great minds think alike. That’s exactly what I thought when Erika walked in wearing that pink roll of tulle. She’s enormous toilet roll Barbie. My grandmother had one in her bathroom. We yanks have them. They were big in the 60’s and 70’s. I’m Gen X like you ladies, so I’m old enough, and provincial enough, to remember them. Love the show ladies!!!

Have seen them around town

Ladies, I live BH next door. Crashed Xmas party. Kyle is actually very sweet, protective of Mauricio who loves to chase. Rhinna is a full on bea-tch, saw her at her shop closing. Harry is her driver. Frosty! Mean, mean, mean. Vanderpump w hubby at restaurant. She is beautiful, classy and very short! I’m 5’8” felt like a giant. Each actor is given a pager with instructions - what to say, where to sit.

Love this podcast

Great research and witty presentation. I am a fan of RHOBH, but when victims are victimized by those who were hired to advocate for them, it needs to be exposed. Keep up the great work!!!

Great Dirt

So good at digging up dirt! I love these two and their other podcast, The Prince and the Pervert.

So ready for this mess

I’ve been following you guys on the prince and the pervert for awhile and I’ve always loved when you’ve dropped housewives stuff because I am a bravo junkie. I am so happy you are breaking this pretty mess down for us and I’m ready for the ride! Cheers ladies! I’m a big fan!